A Podcast on Heirlooms and Making Sense Of What's Left Behind

"I didn’t have to go to his car or the sight at all. I had seen news articles and images of the remains of his home already, and I knew how terrible it was. I didn’t have to go to see it. During my visit to Syracuse, I could have just went to the funeral home to pick his remains in an urn. I wanted to see in person the wreckage. I wanted to inhale the air where he died. And I wondered if anything at all, some sort of a keepsake, a token of his life, would be there at his car." -Isobella Jade

I started podcasting about the items I found at my dad's car and also sharing the raw emotion behind the memories, it takes a lot of energy to speak and read about these items in this narrative way. I do like it thought. Being open about this, using my voice about this grief and experience is new to me. Although I enjoy sharing these stories that stem from the items/heirlooms, the way looking at an everyday thing can inspire so much more meaning. 

Listen to "Ep 1: The Walk to The Car" on Spreaker.


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